And, you thought your life sucked? Vigo the Vampire is your average fourth grader, except he’s 160 years old. Don’t expect bloodshed and horror in this webcomic, Vigo is a neurotic momma’s boy. He hates being a vampire and just wants to fit in with the other kids. Unfortunately, his evil twin sister Elsa has an insatiable thirst for terrorizing the neighborhood, as well as her only brother. Vigo’s family moved from the old country to the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio when his father took a new job working security at the city morgue.

Vigo the Vampire is created by Danny Fry, an artist at American Greetings who has been creating cards for at least 160 years. He resides in Cleveland Heights, Ohio with his wife, son and vicious Yorkie.


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  1. I love this! Reminds me of the early seasons of the TV show “Young Dracula.” Vampire boy goes to school, just wants to fit in and be a normal human – even has an evil older sister! – great fun. Looking forward to following this comic 🙂

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